Thursday, October 18, 2007

TLTR rises again!

Friday, September 21, OHSU re-instituted one of what I have always thought was one of the coolest groups on campus: the TLTR, or Teaching, Learning and Technology Roundtable. These roundtables are encouraged by EDUCAUSE and other like organizations focused on technology in learning environments, particularly in higher education.

The many questions and resources covered at this meeting include the following. I would like to the OHSU TLTR site, but it will likely be overwritten for future meetings.

Tom Boudrot, Instructional Technology Manager, led a discussion on web conferencing and touched on the following issues:

  • What does web conferencing look like?
  • What hardware and software is required to conduct a successful web lecture or meeting?
  • What software can be used to enhance the design and production of online events and training?
  • What are some best practices in designing, producing and facilitating online courses, meetings and events?
  • What are the current web conferencing pilots at OHSU?
  • How do I get involved with web conferencing?

Select resources mentioned in the session:

Of course, it was a bonus that I won as a door prize a copy of The Synchronous Trainer's Survival Guide by Jennifer Hofmann. I still haven't had time to look at it yet (between helping launch our library's first attempt at providing an online Library 2.0 class to library staff and various conferences), but I'm looking forward to reading it.

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