Thursday, October 18, 2007

OHSU Library launches "Library 2.0"

This summer as a staff Tech Talk meeting (which we have once a month to just show up and chat about whatever new technology things we have found that we think are cool), several people raised the issue of not being able to keep up with learning new technologies.

Great discussion ensued and out of it we collectively decided to follow what many other libraries have done, which is to help guide our people through Web 2.0 technologies (for library purposes and otherwise) in the "15 minutes a day" concept: in other words, although none of us usually has a 3-4 hour chunk in any given day to dedicate to learning new stuff, we can take a little bit of time each day for this effort. That way at the end of a few months we will have learned a bunch of stuff.

We are using open source CMS Sakai (recently instituted by OHSU as its CMS) for this class as a way to test it out and familiarize ourselves with it, since we will have students using the system. We just launched the class, so we have yet to see how it will all pan out, but so far the discussion on the discussion forums have been very active and people seem to still be enthuasiastic about it, which is great.

Particular sites that we used to inform us about how to go about this were:

The grand experiment in putting our heads together for a collective learning experience continues!

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