Monday, August 6, 2007

Reed College - ContentDM User Group Meeting

Site of the ContentDM User Group Meeting, held at Reed College in late July. This two-day meeting featured panel discussions from a variety of librarians and how they were using ContentDM for their digital collections, for everything from electronic theses and dissertation collections to highlighting historical collections and other community resources. For instance, some libraries are using more audio material (using embedded audio players) to play recordings of spoken languages, such as this transcribed Innu legend.

It was great exchanging ideas and seeing what everyone was doing.

More information from this conference can be found on the
ContentDM Wiki and the meeting blog.


Janet said...

What? No mention of the infamous lawnmower??

zeigenland said...

Ah yes, the infamous lawnmower! Although this venue was ideally located, and a pretty good space (and the food was fabulous), for some reason, the first day of the meeting was when campus facilities decided to use a BIG lawnmower. Right outside the windows. The speakers carries on rather well in light of this, but no one there will forget it!